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Champagne Tango

The author’s first novel tells the story of the Underworld descent through a romantic obsession taking place in New York City and Buenos Aries in the early 1989s when Argentina was waking up from military dictatorship.

Astara is Born

The novel begins with an afterward as the foreword, a quantum leap into Astara’s future as a filmmaker. The story opens with her on the plane on the way to a job as script reader for a talent agency. Arriving into New Age Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, she begins studying metaphysics while struggling to ground her Aquarian dreams of becoming the next hot novelist on the scene. With every new rejection, she comes to realize that the struggle to create her own voice is what makes her the writer, star, director and producer of her own life script.

Wolf in the Bottle

The writing of her second novel in the cafes of her suddenly hip Los Felix neighborhood puts Astara into the path of a devastating actor. The magical encounters between Aquarius and Scorpio parallel her plunge into alchemy as she embarks in a conscious passage of transforming the Wolf in the Bottle as she struggles against the demons entrappping her into sexual addiction and poverty.

Quantum Leap
  • Transformational
  • Fresh
  • 360 view
  • Holistic
  • Boundary smashing
  • Unpredictable
  • Uncertainty

“I was just beginning my literary journey transcribing my conscious quest for transcendence when I hit lead. I was 27, and I knew that I could only avoid becoming a member of that club if I sought a 360-perspective by making my pocket astro guide the bible to my writing process”

Lisa Streitfeld



Embracing Uncertainty, I had no idea that it would take 30 years, more that than length of the Saturn cycle, to tie the threats of the tapestry together. The 2019 codification of the Science of Magic provided a methodology by which the occult sciences sourced in the autonomy of number becomes apparatus for hermeneutics. A wolf appeared on my path as a signifier of the passage through the darkness — taming my instincts into a fierce battle with the system to insert my theorem.

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