The Aquarian Conversion Experiment was launched in Alchemy of Love In Five Elements (2007-2008) under the January 20, 2007 initiation of the Lab gallery space by a priestess.

Aquarius Conversion ♒️ Tarot Card

Riane Eisler, inventor of the Partnership Model:

Dr. Lisa Streitfeld has tirelessly worked to promote a new modernism sourced in an authentic gender balance known as the Hieros Gamos.

The Alchemy of Love: Bliss performed at the Lab Gallery, NYC on January 23, 2008.

It developed as an archeology of the Aquarian Conversion for Alchemy of Love: Coagulatio (Earth) when the photograph (below) was made for the invitation. On August 25, 2007 a tower deconstruction ritual was initiated to create the archeology for the next phase. This was also the beginning of the Aquarian Conversion Astro-Portrait Series.

Astro-Portrait by Lisa Paul Streitfeld (2007)

The technology exists for the contemporary to follow our ancient ancestors who worshiped the complementary opposites as a unity experienced in the totality of the Goddess of Love with her two contrasting faces, the Morning and Evening Star.

—Dr. Lisa Streitfeld

The iconography of the Venus pentagram (top) connecting Heaven and Earth
Via the five helical risings in the eight year Venus Cycle.

This journey, begun in 1997, culminated with the VENUS TRANSIT OF THE SUN on June 7, 2012. This is when Aquarian Conversion became a blog. This page was created under the Venus exterior conjunction with the Sun (March 26, 2021) creating phenomenology of the healing face (4 degrees Aries conjunct Chiron) of the resurrected Hieros Gamos from of the eight year archeology (204-2012) culminating in the June 1, 2012 Venus interior conjunction with the Sun.

MEDITATION/MEDIATION: VENUS was performed at the opening of the AIR chapter on September 23, 2007, the day of the Fall Equinox.

The photograph created to promote the EARTH chapter (me entering an altered state in the alchemical bath, a tub placed on the grass).

It was the third Daniel Rothbart Méditation Médiation performance. The previous two performances resurrected the masculine and feminine energies. It not planned that way but that is how it turned out.

Daniel’s project was initiated in Italy by a fellow Aquarian, Yoko Ono, donating a sign, IMAGINE, that placed on a tree (representing the Tree of Life).

ALCHEMY OF LOVE: SUBLIMATIO/ AIR was about integrating masculine and feminine in preparation for the HIEROS GAMOS, the sacred marriage. The inner was the alchemical process of the ritual with four of Daniel’s bowls and the striker, which represented the feminine and masculine energies. The outer marriage was reflected in the collaboration between two Aquarians, thé sign of the Hieros Gamos.

The four bowls were filled with the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Then, I called in the spirits.

I place the image in the pewter vessel representing EARTH (the four bowls in the four directions represented the four elements). Then, I dropped in the WATER bowl a blue tablet from the Botica in Spanish Harlem.

It wasn’t the Earth bowl but the Water bowl, so I don’t know HOW the image got in there.

The portrait transformed through the Conversion process into an iconic image.

The invitation image submerged in the lapis lazuli bowl, creating a mystical phenomenology of conversion.. The flecking looks like metal but is just the bowl appearing through the dried specks from the coloration. Which is why I asked Skydin to use the image with the bowl, rather than the close-up that didn’t show the bowl.
The final image was too powerful for a logo. I deconstructed it to only use the face at the center of the labyrinth as a logo for this blog and my business card in 2012. It took another eight year Venus cycle to start using this image as the blog icon!

This archeology is meant to reveal how the quantum leap into the future by way of the construction of a new symbol channeled by the light of the crown takes time (passage through the five archetypes of Venus — Capricorn, Leo, Aries, Scorpio and Gemini) to be incorporated into the body.


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