Topanga Awakening

Anna Vittoria at Tribal Oasis, Topanga

I met Anna Vittoria when I was working on my Hidden Treasures article  for the Los Angeles Times.  She was the exquisite creature that became a guide — not only to the feminine spirit in Topanga but what is latent in her 20 something generation.  I put her in the story with her quote: “Topanga is about having your own style.”  And so, this retro 60’s locale became my inspiration for astro fashion style.  She invited me to an aromatherapy workshop at the Oasis Healing Center where she works.  I went there and to the next workshop in a garden in Venice.

Azita asked me if I wanted to do a Taurus New Moon ceremony at Tara Sanctuary

I asked Anna and two  other Topanga healers — Luna Love and Lee B. Lewis — to join me in creating a holistic healing ceremony to bring in the new feminine archetype.  The ceremony was extensively structured in accordance with the awakening of the serpent.  A  goddess, scent, sound and color was created to awaken all seven chakras, from the root to the crown of the head.   We did not plan our ceremonial attire, but we all showed up for the ceremony wearing rose!

All in Rose (left to right): Luna Love, Lee B. Lewis and Anna Vittoria before the Taurus New Moon ceremony at Tara Sanctuary in Topping
Lee B. Lewis at Tara Sanctuary under the Taurus New Moon 2012
Luna Love at Tara Sanctuary under the Taurus Full Moon 2012



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