“t’héritent in Blood” by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2006

The Great Work begins with CalcinatioFIRE. Channeling desire into the Olivetti typewriter in an empty apartment in Buenos Aries in 1984 is how the alchemical transformation begins. The desire for the inner marriage of masculine and feminine projected onto an exquisite male beauty is the beginning of the Twin Flame Experience .

“Astara is a Born” by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2004


The Great Work dissolves in SolutioAIR. The challenge of the Aquarian quest for transcendence was plummeting through New Age materialism and remove attachments to the limiting behavior of the patriarchal archetypes to get to the soul essence.

“Wolf in the Bottle” by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2004


The Great Work consolidates in CoagulatioEARTH. The containment of passion purified in the previous stage guides the serpent power to the Third Eye, transmuting sexual desire into knowledge. To gain consciousness, the stages of alchemy are incorporated into the quest.

The Meta Novel Trilogy is archeology for Dr. Streitfeld’s codification of The Conversion, a collaborative, gender equal philosophy originating in the Saas-Fee Media Lab in the Alps of European Graduate School.

Composed between 1984-1992 in several locations (Buenos Aries to New York to Hollywood to Los Feliz), these three meta texts were prescient of the Conversion philosophy codified in the Schirmacher Media Lab at European Graduate School (2012-2014). The November 2014 publication of Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos 2014) brought the occult science of numerology as apparatus of hermeneutics into continental philosophy. In 2016, her doctoral thesis, (Übermensch: Nietzsche, Salomé and the Ages of Aquarius) delivered astrology as hermeneutics apparatus into continental philosophy.

A literary style sourced in symbols, esoteric terminology requiring a click for illumination,and cinematic “takes” was a leap into the future digital world of New Media, a wave the author road from its inception, initiating the invention of the blogel (blog novel) in The Alchemy of Love in Five Elements (2007-2008) at the Lab Gallery in midtown Manhattan.

The boundary smashing between fiction, fantasy and narrative nonfiction conspired to make the meta fiction in Dr. Streitfeld’s œuvre unpublishable and therefore free of the negative effects of commercial success. Although the mystical content is fantastical, these texts are not fantasy. Mystical content such as symbols, dreams and reveries are woven into the multidimensional narrative, as are tools of consciousness such as horoscopes and tarot readings. The capacity of symbol to convey meaning beyond words gave birth to a unique form of New Media AstroPortrait, image/texts capturing the moment of their creation via the horoscope.

Experimental cut-ups in the Surrealist-Burroughs tradition created the visual media for the multimedia exhibition and subsequently the book covers and blogs of these literary works.


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