“The Alchemy of Love in Five Chapters: Fire” assemblage Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2006


The Great Work begins with Calcinatio — fire. Channeling desire into the Olivetti typewriter in an empty apartment in Buenos Aries in 1984 is how the alchemical transformation began..

“Astara is a Born” assemblage by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2004


A subsequent phase of The Great Work is Sublimatio — AIR. The Aquarian quest for transcendence through New Age materialism cannot come before the deep emotions are confronted.

“Wolf in the Bottle” collage by Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 2004


THE GREAT WORK strips away surfaces to deep attachments arising through unexpected intensity of encounters. The energy of the false Twin Flame is confronted and transcended through knowledge. To gain consciousness, the stages of alchemy are incorporated into the quest.

The Aquarian Conversion Trilogy was composed 1984-1992 — from Buenos Aries to New York to Hollywood to Los Feliz. These three meta texts are the foundation of the Conversion philosophy.

The publication of Lisa Streitfeld’s Master’s thesis Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos 2014) brought the occult science of numerology as apparatus of hermeneutics into continental philosophy. Her subsequent doctoral thesis, (Übermensch: Nietzsche, Salomé and the Ages of Aquarius, 2016) brought astrology as apparatus of hermeneutics into continental philosophy.

The Aquarian Conversion Trilogy is therefore the archeology for Dr. Streitfeld’s codification of the Conversion, a collaborative, gender equal philosophy originating in the Saas-Fee Media L@b in the Alps by the professors of European Graduate School.

These works of meta fiction cross the boundary between fiction and narrative nonfiction. Devices such as reveries, dreams, horoscopes and tarot readings are integrated into image/texts that couldn’t even be produced in the pre-digital era of their creation.

A literary style sourced in symbols, esoteric terminology requiring a click for illumination,and cinematic “takes” was a leap into the future digital world of New Media, a wave the author road from its inception, initiating the invention of the blogel (blog novel) in The Alchemy of Love in Five Elements (2007-2008) at the Lab Gallery in midtown Manhattan.

Experimental cut-ups in the Surrealist-Burroughs tradition created the visual media for the multimedia exhibition and subsequently the book covers and blogs of these literary works.


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