This project was conceived as a blog in Topanga Canyon under the effects of the Venus Transit of the Sun in 2012. In 2014, it took on a physical analog dimension after a synchronistic encounter with a series of six paintings by the image philosopher Nancy Jones in Berlin.

The magical encounter expanded the grail content in multiple formats: art essay, curation, screenplay, handbook and novel. In Montreal in 2019, the project was revived through an introduction into the Twin Flame Experience phenomenon.

The culmination is this writing under Full Moon of 28 January 2021, when a new digital astro portrait was created for the sacred marriage (Leo/Aquarius) posting on Hieros Gamos Journal.

The Full Mon célébrâtes the culmination of a major life change cycling back to my early dream as a published author. In the pre Internet era, I knew my mystical writings could only be accepted if there was a « drilling downwards « to magnify and expand the limited vocabulary for mystical experience. In time, this was to become the the internet blog with links providing this expansion. Last year, I incorporated this capacity to link content from my blogs into a website created through WIX. So this is how under the Leo Full Mon of 2021, the 2012 grail myth infused into the collective by the Venus Transit of the Sun reaches a culmination as a multimedia epic. Whatever path the project takes now will be kismet. Ni looked at the stats for the first time today and was genuinely surprised to view 145 K total views.

In quest of the unattainable publishing deal, I inadvertently ended up on a mystical grail quest for an even more elusive desire: the sacred marriage of the opposites.

In accordance with the I Ching guidance, the outcome puts to the test the Contention of Carl Jung that the outer follows the inner. The Shiva Lisa Paul World Tarot Card was created in January 26 via a digital composite of a randomly chosen World tarot card from a Goggle search with the birthday card sent by my sister.

So here is the synchronicity of outer following the inner.

Let’s see what happens under this Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius two days after the Full Moon, the second three week phase of the cycle initiated as the I Ching Fortnight of Quantum Change on 13 January.

Here are views of two phases of the Aquarian Conversion platform, launched as a blog under the effects of the Venus Transit of the Sun in 2012.

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