Lisa Streitfeld, Ph.D.

Aquarian Mystic

THE AQUARIAN CONVERSION BLOG was launched as a blog in Topanga Canyon directly under the under the Lunar Eclipse prior to the June 7, 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun. This cosmic opening to the alchemical process of initiation into the Hieros Gamos took another eight years to develop into a philosophy with a techne for the Eternal Return.

This took place with the Venus cycle commencing in Gemini (see data sheet below). The June 2012 anniversary of Venus direct station following the Venus Transit of the Sun in the Interior Conjunction viewed around the world for the first time began the final phase of the journey. The disclosing resulting from Venus as the Morning Star in her mythical rising in Gemini over her mythical origins of Cyprus followed the historic conuinctio, Venus Transit of the Sun.

These two 21st century Eternal Returns continue the revolution begun in 1882, when Nietzsche and his protégée Lou Salomé invented the term Ubermensch with the intention of developing a science of the Eternal Recurrence (Science of Magic). In following the 21st century law of the Möbius strip of inner/outer, their inner transcendence to the Hieros Gamos was experienced in a moment on bliss on Sacro Monte (See Dr. Streitfeld’s text Ubermensch: Nietzsche, Salome and the Ages of Aquarius).

The shamanic journey:
  • Astrologer
  • Art Consultant
  • Theorist
  • Philosopher
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