AT 2:30 PM EST January 23, 1997 there was a Seal of Solomon in the Heavens, the gateway to the Age of Aquarius.[/

2:30 PM EST January 23, 1997

The father of modern physics, Wolfgang Pauli, believed the hexagram, known as the Seal of Solomon, to be the configuration for the icon of the 21st century arising from under the collapsed quantum wave.

On January 23, 1997 a six-pointed hexagram appeared in the sky under a rare Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune alignment in Aquarius. Astrologers and metaphysicians declared this configuration as the gateway to the Age of Aquarius (gaiamind.com). Predating the Jewish religion, the hexagram, known as the Seal of Solomon, symbolizes the alchemical conuinctio, or sacred marriage of opposites, the Hieros Gamos.

This configuration was detected from my January 23, 1997 solar return. Three weeks later, I attended a historic San Francisco Cycles and Symbols conference that brought astrologers and scientists together for the first time and met the scholar Richard Tarnas, who declared the Hieros Gamos as the icon of the 21st century. On Valentine’s Day, I initiated my first public performance piece as an impromptu public confrontation with James Hillman, the father of archetypal psychology, to demand why he referred to Venus as the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. In doing so, I revived the archetype of the Sumerian goddess, Inanna, the self-declared Queen of Heaven and Earth and ancient icon of the Hieros Gamos.

After this breakthrough, I began an intense cross-disciplinary investigation into the Hieros Gamos which resulted in the writing of two books on the subject. As I became driven to investigate the new millennial forms of the Hieros Gamos, my career path transformed from journalist into professional art critic. This journey culminated in a new art theory.

On the January 23 anniversary of the Hieros Gamos I launched a series of exhibitions with “actions reciproques” to access the power of the emerging archetype.

January 23, 2005


I hosted a dinner at the Lab Gallery with a dinner/poetry performance of three outstanding New York poets: Valery Oisteanu, Max Blagg and Edwin Torres. Legendary avant-garde critic/artist Richard Kostelanetz was in attendance.   Through spontaneous performance, the three poets narrated the trajectory of 20th century Spoken Word to create a new language for the Hieros Gamos presented to the public at a Roger Smith literary salon that I hosted on February 17.

January 23, 2006


SI Exif

The premiere of ICONS OF THE 21st CENTURY, an exhibition of 23 artists investigating the iconography of the Hieros Gamos. The show opened with the interactive window performance of Laurel Jay Carpenter’s RED WOMAN depicting Eros as fundamental to the emerging archetype.

On January 23, gallery director, Matt Selmer and I hosted a dinner for artists, curators, dealers and critics. As a performance piece, I wrote Pauli’s dream of January 23, 1938 in the window with his symbols: a rectangle and circle located above a double wave (the glyph of Aquarius). At the conclusion of my curator’s talk, I read the contents of the dream (from Atom & Archetype).


In the dream I drew an oscillation process beneath the window – actually two oscillations, one beneath the other. By turning to the right from the curves, I try to see the time on the clock. But the clock is too high, so that doesn’t work. Then the dream continues. The ‘dark unknown woman’ appears. She is crying because she wants to write a book but cannot find a publisher for it. In this book there is apparently a great deal of material on time symbolism – e.g., how a period of time is constituted when certain symbols appear in it. And at the end of one page of the book, there are the following words, read aloud by the ‘voice.’ ‘The definite hours have to be paid for with the definite life, the indefinite hours have to be paid for with the indefinite life.’”

      — Wolfgang Pauli


January 23, 2007


The alchemical experiment was initiated with a ritual ceremony performed under the Moon/Venus conjunction in Aquarius at 12:18 PM, January 20. A priestess consecrated the gallery as a sacred space to give birth to the Aquarian Age icon.

January 23 was the second day of the installation/performance. As the starting point for the journey, my blogel entry FLAME: PAGE SIX presented the emerging icon of the Hieros Gamos in the context of the celebrity obsessed media dominated culture.

January 23, 2008

The Alchemy of Love: Hieros Gamos

January 23, 2008 BLISS 

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